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Thinking Bits

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We design and produce products by combining Hardware and Software into one product that fits the missing bits in your life.
Thinking Bits is a Apple licensed MFI (made for iPhone iPad and iPod) hardware and software vendor.









What is it
TaggTagg is a game developed to bring kids outdoor again with the excitement of internet gaming.

It is is a game where the objective is to tag as many opponents as possible, while at the same time trying to avoid to be tagged. Using specific device gestures while tagging, players can either downgrade opponents or upgrade team members. This multiplayer game where two, or more, groups of players try to tag each other, uses the build-in focussed IR beam in the TaggTagg device. The TaggTagg devices are also equipped with an omnidirectional IR receiver. The IR beam contains game data, like tagging player identification and the type of 'tag'. For Tagging other players the TaggTagg device is equipped with an accelerometer, the type of tagg is defined by a specific device movement before pointing to another player. This movement will charge the device with a specific message and is referenced as Charging. The final pointing after charging the device triggers the IR beam to be released in the pointed direction, this is where the device derives its name from and is referenced as Tagging. We like to make the game friendly and non-violent therefore we avoid words like "shoot" and "gun" and replace them with "Tagg"

Thinking Cleaner

What is it
Thinking Cleaner is an add-on for your Roomba® that makes it smarter and aware of it’s owner. It enables Roomba to adapt to your life by starting a cleaning cycle when you leave the house, when it fits your calendar or when you remote trigger it. This way Roomba can clean autonomously.

Thinking Cleaner adds wifi capabilties so it can connect to your home or office network. With the freely available app or web interface, the Roomba can be remotely controlled or scheduled.

Being connected to the internet Roomba can also notify you on specific events. So when Roomba has finished cleaning or when it is time to empty the bin, you will receive a push notification or email.

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Company information

Thinking Bits was originally founded in 1994 to develop control software, management software and firmware for existing hardware devices in the professional broadcast, TV production and film industries. In 1997 the company changed the organisational structure and added their own hardware design, production and manufacturing of small specific products for the generic media industry. In 2010 the company broadened their market by designing games, household and generic industry hard and software add-ons for OEM vendors and started developing products under their own brand-names. Late 2010 Thinking Bits signed a Made For iPhone agreement with Apple and started the design of hardware accessories under the MFI licence that enabled the design of a complete new category of products currently in the works that can cooperate with products like iPhone, iPad and iPod.